Required Equipments & Instruments

Equipments required for Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology
1.Refrigerator— 01
2.Centrifuge— 02
3.Microscope— 10
4.Hand lens–02
5.microtome— 01
6.Histokinetic— 01
7.Spirit lamps— 10
8.Sahli’s Hemoblobinometer— 10
9.Hot air oven working— 01
10.Stabilizers— 01
11.Analytical balance— 01
12.Chemical balance— 01
13.Certified weight box–01
14.pH meter— 01
15.Hot plates— 02
16.Dessicator— 01
17.Incubator (2′ x 3′)— 01
18.Timers— 01
19.Thermostatic water bath— 02
20.Improved Triple ruled neubauer
21.Counting chamber— 10
22.Safety spectacles–02
23.Charts and Models
24.Chemicals and Stains— as per standard
25.Tripod stand and burner— 05
26.Autoclave— 01
27.VDRL Shaker— 01
28. VDRL Slide— 05
29.Loviband comparators— 01
30.Bacterial loop— 10
31.Thermometer up to 2000 C–02
32.Candle Filter— 01
33.Charts: Models showing regions / parts of human body.
34.2 sets of Histological slides and which are mentioned in the syllabus.
35.Skeleton— 01
36.Sets of individual bones— 01
37.Blood group antigens: anti-A, anti-B, anti-D
38.lancets— 01 boxes
39.Westergrins tubes— 05
40.Wintrobe’s tubes— 05
41.Capillary tubes
42.(Heparinised & Plain)— 03 boxes each
43.Petridishes (diff. sizes)— 50
44.Pauster pipettes— 50
45.Adjustable micro pipettes— 01
46.Funnels – different sizes— 10
47.Beakers – different sizes— 10
48.Measuring jars – different sizes— 10
49.Conical flasks— 10
50.Round bottom flask— 10
51.Watch glass— 50
52.Volumetric flask— 10
53.Test Tube holder— 20
54.Centrifuge Tubes— 50
55.Folin Wu Tubes— 10
56.Test tube racks— 20
57.Serological Pipettes— 20
58.Glass rods (Diff. sizes)— 20
59.Rubber gloves— 01 boxes
60.Surgical gloves— 01 boxes
61.Rubber teats (diff. sizes)— 10 Nos
62.Dropper bottles— 20
Equipments required for Diploma in Radiation Technology
1.Mobile X-Ray machine – one
2.Fixed 500 MA X-Ray machine – one
3.Fixed 300 MA X-Ray machine – one
4.CR/DR system – one
5.Cassettees and Hangers in adequate number
6.Automatic file processor
7.Ultrasound Machine
8.CT Scan Machine will recording system
Equipments required for Diploma in Dental Mechanics Technology
1.Mean value articulators
2.Semi-adjustable articulators
3.Dental flasks with clamps
5.Vacuum – mixer
7.Cast -drying oven
8.Centre grinder / palatal trimmer
9.Lab hand piece with micro motor
10.Hanging motors
11.High speed lathe
12.Casting machine with crucible
13.Casting furnace
14.Casting rings
16.Model trimmer
17.Electrolytic polishing unit
18.Micro motors
19.Agar conditioner and duplicating flasks
21.Ceramic firing unit
22.Pindex die pin attaching unit
23.Die cutting unit
24.Denture finishing kit
25.Metal finishing kit
26.Ceramic restoration finishing kit
27.Dental Chair
Equipments required for Dental Hygiene Technology
A Laboratory / Dental Clinic / Dental Workshop well equipped with Dental Equipments, instruments and Materials used during the course of the study with adequate Patient inflow for training.
b.Ultrasonic scalers
c.Han instruments
e.Details of IOPA amchine
f.Panoramic machine
g.Extra oral machine
h.Automatic processor
i.Mannual processing facilities
Equipments required for Diploma in Operation Theater Technology
1.OT tables –hydraulic / electronic with lithotomy, kidney bridge facilities-01
2.Ceiling mounted O.T. light-01
3.Suction apparatus-01
5. Sterilization bin-01
6.Cautery machine-01
7.Fumigation equipment for OT-01
8.Boyles anesthetic machine-01
9.OT instruments for all specialties-01 set each
10. Pulse oximeter-01
11.ECG monitors-01
13.Ambo bags Ventilator-01
14.Central oxygen, nitrous oxide from manifold rooms
15.C-arm with image intensifier and necessary protective equipment
Equipments required for Diploma in Dialysis Technology
A dialysis unit consisting of a hall to accommodate the 5 HD machines and the following:
Complete water treatment system

comprising of Pre-filter, Carbon filter,

Softener, R.O. unit and storage tank

full system to run 5

HD machines

H.D. Machines02for regular patients
H.D. Machines01for isolation patients
CRRT Machine01for ICU dialysis
1Cardiac Monitor01
6Weighing Machine01
Equipments required for Diploma in Orthopedic Technology
1.Plaster Cutter
2.fracture table
3.P.O.P. – Plaster
4.P.O.P. Bandage
5.Fibre Caste
6.Plaster Technique Manual
7.Plaster Spreader
8.Steel Bowel
9.Plaster Bowel Stand
10.View Box
11.X-Ray Machine/ C Arm
Equipments required Diploma in E.C.G. Technology
1.ECG machines complete with leads-02
2.Cardiac defibrillator
3.Pulse Monitor
4.Helter ECG, TMT
1Donor ChairFully upholstered and cushioned to provide comfortable position Variable position and heights for either arm as well reclining body position Smooth shifting from head-low feet high position to any intermediate position with push button provision. Mobile on wheels with single break lock system and foot control. Better model for demonstration and approval.2
2Bedside Locker405 X 405 X 820 mm. M S body power coated – S S Top. One drawer, One locker box 2 rear twin type casters 50 mm diameter 2 pedestal Stands in front.4
3SphygmomanometerISI standard 3390 99.9% pure mercury Error tolerance ± 3 mm Hg. Micro filter for long life Precision air release valve Cuff with 2 tubes, rubber bladder Metal face plate with easy to read upto 300 mm Hg, Yellow scale Mercury lock for storage, transport, maintenance. Cleaning device for glass tube PVC zipper case4
4StethoscopeMultiplicity Adult chest piece Ultrasensitive diaphragm for greater amplification.. Color co-ordinated non-chill bell and snap on ring to retain diaphragm for patient comfort. Suitable case for protection with 2 spare diaphragms and air tips. Extra thick tubing wall with ID Tag 3 years warranty.4
5Recovery bedSemi fowler bed. 3 Section Mattress. (HDP – 40 density, 100 mm thick foam covered with cloth backed Rexene of superior quality). M S powder coated main frame 1 fixed foldable crank handles. ABS head and foot boards, with Indian Rubbished castors, two with brake, without IV Bottle rod.1
Equipments required Diploma in Endoscopy Technology
1.Well equipped operation theater
2.Gastroduodenoscope ,
3.Colonoscope ,
4.Bronchoscope , drugs used in these procedures ,
5.accessories for various procedures like biopsy forceps , bending instruments , dilators etc.
6.Emergency tray with all medicine and primary emergency equipment.
7.Oxygen Cylinder
8.Cautary machine to prevent massive bleeding from any vessel.
9.C arm IITV
Equipments required Diploma in E.E.G. Technology
1.EEG Machine (Analogue)-01
2.EEG Machine (digital)-01
3.EMG/NCV/EP Machine-01
4.Video EEG-01
Equipments required Diploma in Cath lab Technology
Cath lab machine complete with all accessories installed as per BARC norms in A.C. room
Equipments required Diploma in Emergency & Trauma Care Technology
S.NOName of Equipment
1.C-Arm Image Intensifier
2.3 D Ultrasonography
3.500 MA X-ray
4.CT Scan
5.100 MA portable X-ray
6.O.T. Table
7.Cautery Machine
8.O.T. ceiling light
9.High Vaccum Suction Machine
10.Anaesthesia Machine with Monitor
11.Standard Ventilator
12.Pneumatic tourniquet
13.General surgical instrument
14.Spinal surgical instrument
15.Thoracotomy instrument
16.Faciomaxillary instrument
17.Power drill and power saw
18.Craniotomy instrument
19.Splints and traction
20.ABC Machine
21.Automatic bio-analyser
23.Operating Microscope
24.Operating headlights
25.Fowler’s bed
26.Rehabilitation equipment
27.Blood equipment
30.Laminar air flow
31.Manifold system
32.Electricity back-up
33.Bed Matress + Linen
34.E.C.G. Machine
35.Well equipped ambulance
Equipments required for Diploma In Opthalmic Technology
S.NOSnellen’s ChartsRefraction units
1TorchesDirect Ophthalmoscopes
2Indirect OphthalmoscopeSlit Lamp
3KeratometerO.T. Lights
4Sterilization Unit / AutoclavesO.T. Tables / Trolleys
5Boyles apparatusDressing Bins
6Tonometer schiotsA Scan Biometry
7Operating microscopesAutorefractometer
8Furniture for Out-patient room, offices, class rooms, Library, Wards etc.
Equipments required Diploma in Perfusion Technology
Heart lung machine complete with all accessories.