Procedure For Recognition


Registration For Para-Medical Professionals
1.Every Para-medical institutions seeking recognition must be any organization under Central Government/State Government/local body or Society registered under the relevant law or Trust or Company incorporated under the Company Act.
2.The institutes willing to run any paramedical course will apply to Registrar, Para-medical Council in specified form. All the courses applied for will be mentioned is one application only. The application will be submitted in 3 copies.
3.On receipt of an application, in specified form, it shall be scrutinized by the Council and if found complete, the Council shall organize inspection of the institute.
4.The Registrar shall appoint two inspectors for the inspection, from the panel of Inspectors. The Inspectors, so appointed, shall submit inspection report to the Registrar separately within 15 days of the appointment. If any Inspector fails to submit his inspection report within time specified above, the Registrar may appoint another Inspector.
5.If Registrar is not satisfied with the inspection report or the institution has any disagreement with the inspection report, the Registrar may appoint third Inspector and such Inspector shall submit his inspection report within 15 days of his appointment. The Registrar may also inspect himself. The inspection report of Registrar or third Inspector shall be final. If third inspection is done on the request of the institution, the institution will have to pay specified fees.